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Full Range Of Services

Tyre Fitting

When you have purchased a new set of tyres it is necessary that they are fitted, mounted, aligned and balanced perfectly to ensure a comfortable and safe ride. So, when it’s time to change them it pays to get them fitted and checked correctly by an expert. A professional tyre dealer demonstrates the correct tyre changing process, ensuring the job will be done right the first time.

Nitrogen Filling

Nitrogen filled tyres will maintain their pressure longer as compared to the ones filled with compressed air, making it less likely for you to be driving around on under-inflated soft tyres. Improved handling, better fuel economy, longer tyre life, simple tyre maintenance are some of the benefits of nitrogen inflation. So, for better pressure retention get your tyres filled with nitrogen.

Tyre Rotation

Tyre rotation is another service procedure that can improve the performance and lifespan of your tyres. Each tyre on your vehicle will naturally wear at varying rates depending on the type of the vehicle and the placement of the tyre on the vehicle. Rotation is a procedure of repositioning the tyre around the vehicle in order to keep them wearing as evenly as possible and get maximum life.

Wheel Balancing

Imperfections in weight distribution in a tyre significantly affect the vehicle’s performance and riding comfort. Due to the weight imbalance the exact center of the tyre is compromised and the wheel assembly rotates unevenly, causing the wheel to hop and wobble. During wheel balancing a counter weight is placed on the wheels to offset any imbalance eliminating vibration from the wheel and tyre assembly.

Tyre Repair

Tyre repair can be done if the tyre suffers from outside injuries like damage done to the tread section or puncture no deeper than 1/4th inch. Generally, a sidewall damage is dangerous, and it ruins the tyre immediately. In such events when the damage done to the tyre is irreversible it needs to be replaced. Whenever, you get a tyre repaired make sure it meets up to the tyre manufacturer’s recommendations.

Tyre Replacement

It can’t be overstated that anytime you go for a tyre replacement, choose the ones that exactly match your vehicle type. Though several factors like design, maintenance, how and where the car is driven, climatic conditions, the type of car it is mounted on and the number of kms driven in a year decide the lifespan of the tyres, a general rule of thumb is to change your tyres every 10 years.

Puncture Repair

Puncture can be caused due to the introduction of foreign objects into the tyre tread or also due to incorrect tyre pressure. The most common ways to know if you have a puncture are your car pulling to one side, difficulty in steering and wheels shuddering. Whether a puncture can be fixed depends on its location, severity and the tyre type.

Wheel Alignment

Wheel alignment is a service procedure that greatly improves the handling, safety and fuel efficiency of your vehicle along with increasing the lifespan of your vehicle’s tyres. It is the adjustment done to your vehicle’s suspension so that it matches the car manufacturer’s set standards. An accurate wheel alignment is critical to optimizing the performance and the tread wear of your tyres.